Snack time…S’mores anyone?!

What’s the best part about the weekend? The fact that you have two whole days (really 1 and half) to let go of your 9-5 torture and be free? Well, maybe BUT no that’s not it. It’s the fact that you get to snack all day long! There are no restrictions, no one hour lunch breaks and no people watching your every move.

I have a serious problem when it come to snacking. Ms. D is always yelling about me eating up everything the day after we buy it. C’mon guys it happens. You buy food so you can eat it not so it can collect dust in the cabinets while you try to talk yourself out of indulging in its goodness!

The good thing is snacking can be a healthy choice. Even for those of you who have a serious sweet tooth, as do I. As we venture deeper into our Gluten-free lifestyles, we’re coming across more and more great snack ideas. Here’s one we recently tried: S’mores anyone?!

It’s incredibly simple. Head over to your local Whole Foods Market or simply another healthy supermarket and pick up these items:

*MY DAD’S Vanilla Graham Gluten-free cookies

*Classic Vanilla DANDIES puffed marshmallows (Gluten-free of course)


*Gas Stove (or create a small fire NO not inside)

Next, prep your S’mores like so:

Turn your stove on to medium-high and roast those puppies for about 10 seconds!

You’re almost there….