Our Services

Taste My Buds, LLC is a company formed by two foodies that specialize in vegetarian/pescatarian cuisines free from common allergens such as wheat, gluten, nuts, egg, soy and dairy. Taste My Buds provides in-home cooking, gatherings and food-preparation services.

In-Home Cooking (aka Personal Chef)

-Offer consultations to access dietary needs

-Create meals tailored to personal likes and dietary need

-Develop menus for 1-2 weeks or months worth of food

-Small cooking tutorials

(When working with us we are all a team, we can come up with the menu, shop for groceries and cook together to make sure all of your needs are met).

Gatherings (Catered Events)

We plan monthly gatherings aka “MingleMeals” for locals to get together meet new people, see old faces, simply mingle over a good meal.

The TMB team also offers their services for small dinner parties or catered events.

Prix-Fix (Food Preparation)

Each month, we offer a set menu where our clients can select their meals for a week or month. Each month the menu changes, but items can be requested from a previous menu.


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