We Spy #GODIVAonthego

As I was strolling down Madison Ave, while shielding my eyes from the sun’s intrusive glow.

Something else bright caught my eye! A Godiva truck covered with delicious chocolates and illuminating the color of love.

Now I have to say that I am a fan of Godiva, but within the last few months dairy or gluten no longer agrees with my body.

Although I can no longer enjoy their delicious chocolate, this shouldn’t stop you!

If you are in the NYC area, the Sweetery team will be traveling around the city, selling goodies right out of the truck. I’m sure all of the busy and last minute loves will appreciate this!

If you are a chocolate lover, follow @GodivaChoc or the #GODIVAonthego hash tag to find a truck near you!

Hope my sweetie found a box of gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate! Leave it to me to be the difficult one! 🙂


Berries of #Holiday Fun with #Driscolls

There is nothing like the vibrant colors of reds and greens to get you in the holiday spirit. This is exactly how I felt as I walked into the Very Berry Holiday Craft blogger event hosted by Driscoll’s berries.

If you weren’t in the holiday spirit before you got there, you were definitely going to be once you left! Everything was decorated beautifully, the colors, the berries, the atmosphere, all so inviting.

Did I mention that there was a delicious spread of pastries that each contained a type of berry?!

Once the guests checked in there were to find their seat at the table, that was creatively identified by picture frame which included the name of your blog, your name and your twitter icon.


This by far was the cutest thing and so innovative!
Once I was settled in, I took myself of a little tour.

I must say the waiting staff was rather pleasant, including the bartender that added strawberries so my sparkling water although it was to go with the alcoholic beverages.

Next stop, the children’s craft area! I was able to snap a few pictures before they all sat down.

Each child was able to make their very own chocolate reindeer with lots of extra goodies for toppings. I’m sure they were having a blast as I walked past a lot of chocolate-covered faces and fingers.
Once everyone arrived, it was time for the adults to play! Celebrations.com Craft Expert Melissa Klein took the floor and shared with us what we would be working on this afternoon and the different uses of our craft.


We were provided with all of our supplies, the crowd cheered and the competition began, the winner would receive a years worth of berries and more!

Now clearly, I was not in it to win it, I would be lucky enough if I actually finished, since I was talking so much!

It wasn’t until I started looking around the room that I decided to kick myself into high gear! Needless to say that I finished, but it wasn’t my best work!


Although my masterpiece did not make the cut, the overall event was lots of fun and the strawberry tree was something that I will definitely be incorporating into my holiday decor.

To learn about other holiday crafts you can make with Driscoll’s Berries, go to http://www.driscolls.com

Don’t forget to enter their Holiday Sweepstakes, here.

(Disclosure notice: I was invited as media to this event and received a gift bag for attending. All of my opinions and reviews are solely those of my own.)

Fresh Pressed #Coffee From Panama

It’s only Tuesday and yet I am ready to travel the world and back! A girl can dream can’t she?! Since I technically can’t get half way across the world, I decided to let my taste buds travel instead. We decided to venture off to one of our favorite places Whole Foods Market, this wonderful place is some what of a sanctuary for foodies like us. We literally spend almost 2 hours scanning the aisles.

Today we will travel through the crowds of hungry bystanders right over to the mounds of delicious aromas of black and brown coffee beans. The scent is simply heavenly, of course we stood there for a few seconds taking it all end. After careful consideration, we decided on the Volcan Mild blend.

Did I mention this was the first time ever bought fresh grounded coffee? For some reason we were just drawn to that section, it must have been the lingering aroma.

Luckily our tea press is versatile and can be used for both fresh grounded coffee and loose tea leaves. Now one to this venture, after leaving the market our taste buds couldn’t wait to taste the deliciousness!

Did I mention that we would be drinking coffee at 8 at night?! Are you concerned?! You should be! 🙂

Let’s get brewing!!

(1) tbsp per cup, we added in (2)

Add in (2) cups of boiling water

Pressing time!

Allow 4 minutes to brew, I gathered my Blue Diamond almond milk and stevia

Awww yes, sooo delicious!

Fun Fact: The Volcan area is on the opposite side of Volcan Baru from the well-known town of Boquete, all in the state of Chirqui, western Panama. This coffee is a selection of small-farm lots from the higher altitudes of the Paso Ancho area, between the town of Volcan and Bambito, on the way to Cerro Punto. A medium roast blend of Latin America and Sumatra beans with a smoky, light body.