Stuffed Saturday

I hope everyone had a great week and looking forward to a relaxing weekend! We’ve had a very busy and productive week, so the weekend couldn’t come sooner. Unfortunately, our weekends are just as busy.

When I was catching you up this week, did I mention we are now both Coffee Connoisseurs?! Ohh yeaaa… LaurenAsh has joined the cool scenes of the coffee world. Imagine that! Two corporate professionals now working at boutique coffee shops, some days I can’t believe it either. But when I take in all the stress I know longer have, it’s all worth it.

So I decided to share this delicious concoction from last weekend, when we were free to relax.

I can taste these beauties as I type. When I make this dish, I say to people “and you thought eating gluten and dairy free was hard?”
My new favorite type of bread to cook with is “Food For Life”, which can be found in your local health food store or Shoprite.

French Toast a la apple 🙂
4 slices of Food For Life brown rice bread
1 tbsp of cinnamon
1 egg
1/2 c. of coconut or rice milk

1/3 c coconut milk
1 tbsp of confectioners sugar

After mixing all of the ingredients together and soaking the toast, I butter the pan with Melt (butter spread) and pan fried the toast. In a separate pan, simmered pink lady apple slices, butter and cinnamon.

Just plate, drizzle and enjoy! 🙂


What’s New Our Way?!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

You won’t believe the great things happening our way!!! *drumroll please…….* 🙂

World meet…


Enchanted Sweets is an all-natural baked goods company free from common allergens such as wheat, gluten, dairy and soy. We have just given birth to our first baby and it couldn’t smell sweeter.

Believe me it took sometime to perfect the mixtures and play around with the sweeteners and spices! But our bellies were filled with lots of love and hope for what was being born.

Every new thing needs a fairy godparent, so Ganache Cafe in Hoboken was the chosen one. Being the Supervisor, I am constantly watching customers walk away with sad faces because we do not have allergy free goodies, telling them “chin, up they’re coming” only made me stay in the kitchen longer to make these beauties.


From left to right:

Cram My Gramckers 

Cinnamon and Honey flavored mini cupcake (*Ganache’s signature coffee flavor is Graham Cracker)

Ganache CocoMoco

Espresso chocolate cupcake with Ganache topping

Nana’s Puddin

Soft banana cupcake

Are you as excited as I am? Wait! There’s more!

So… the theory behind Enchanted Sweets, is to develop what your imagination creates. So the mixture of these flavors could possibly be found somewhere is, but not likely. 🙂 To spark a little something extra, we developed “Mythical Adventures”… dessert replicas of favorite foods… the first one to complete?! Hamburger and Fries.


That’s right, I said it! Mini hamburger sliders and steak fries… don’t believe me?! See the wizard’s secret potion below:


Whew! I’ve think I’ve sent you into a state of shock or even tickled your sweet tooth! My apologies! But just for kicks, here is the final display at Ganache.


We’re BACK, and better than ever!

Hey Everyone! I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted but I wanted to let you all know what we’ve been up to! 🙂

So let me begin by telling you LaurenAsh has been away for the last 2 months shaping the minds and bodies of today’s youth…lol. She made a brave decision to ditch Corporate America and take a position as the Basketball Director at a private summer camp in PA. Something that received my full support, because basketball is her first love. Unfortunately, I had to spend my summer without her, she’s been gone since the beginning of June, so when she comes back in August she has a lot of summer fun to make up.

20130722-121504.jpg (last summer-Disney World)

No worries, I’ve been keeping busy! As you know, I also left my desk job as a publicist and started working at a local coffee shop in Hoboken, which I absolutely love! Although I’ve missed PR (can’t stay away, I have a few freelance projects)  I have been given the honor to be the Supervisor after just two short months.


I’ve been spending my days, mastering delicious a Caramel Macchiato with almond milk, believe me, making foam with almond or soy milk is a skill!

Oh and of course I’ve implemented my PR skills with promo days like “Muffin Monday”, “Tortilla Tuesday” or and “Spotlight Sunday”.

Who knew there was a technique to understanding how to make the perfect cappuccino or latte?

20130722-122036.jpgDespite the fact that I’m a slight perfectionist, I let my team have “dance time” during their shifts ans then its back to work they go lol.


Despite the transition with our corporate jobs, we are back to sharing our experiences as now full-time gluten-free and Pescatarian foodies!