Cooking with Giada de Laurentiis Pt. 1

We’ve been so busy these last few weeks and now I finally have time to share with you all of our experiences. So strap on your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

If you’re a real foodie, you would have followed all of the excitement around the New York Wine & Food Festival during the 2nd week of October.


Last year, we tried to attend as many events as could without spending a bunch of money. Some of the events can get a bit pricey, but definitely worth the experience. While attending the Target’s Fun & Fit event last year, we watch Sunny Anderson and Giada de Laurentiis cook some amazing meals.

Watching these wonderful women on the stage, lit a spark within us and was our inspiration for really pursuing our love for food. Little did LaurenAsh know, that I was making a promise to myself that I’d be cooking with one of these ladies, during the same time a year from then.

This is living proof that, when you set a goal and believe in it, anything is possible.


Yes, here I am, with the famous Giada de Laurentiis, after a long day of dinner service for her guests during her “Italian Paradise Dinner” sponsored by the New York Wine & Food Festival.

Marinate on that for a bit and I share with you my journey of how I ended up here.


#TGIF Exclusive Blogger Offer from @EgglandsBest

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#WinningWednesday: Enjoying a Little Piece of Italy

Last week, we were invited to the app launch event for Pomi, an Italian tomato company, known for its delicious sauces. So I bundled up and traveled down the cold winds of the concrete jungle into the warm quarters of Bloomingdales. After getting lost and searching many floors of the store, the simmering smell of tomatoes led the way.

I spoke with a few people and learned that after being in the industry for 30 years, Pomi also known as the “tomato revolution from Italy” decided to put a little modern day spin to their brand with the launch of their new app, “iPomi”.

A few conversations later, my nose led me to the simmering scent, where I found star chef Ivana Giuntoli preparing Polpette do Vitello (veal meatballs) for the guests. The dish included tomato sauce from the Pomi brand and noodles from Delverde Pasta USA.


Unfortunately, I was unable to try the dish since it wasn’t gluten-free, but  it simply smelled delicious and the other guests seemed to be enjoying it. I was however able to sip on Smeraldina Italian Artisan Sparkling Water, which I have to admit was a lot better than any other brands that I’ve tried. 

To keep my taste buds focused, I sought out the task at hand, learning about the “iPomi” app.  In no time app was download and I know held a piece of italy in my hands. Free on iTunes, the app includes a variety delicious recipes both hot and cold dishes.

Their new app was very interesting, as it provided a synopsis of the brand, great navigation, lots of delicious recipes and you can even share the recipes with friends or your spouse when trying to make the dinner menu.

I must say the “iPomi” app is something that I will definitely putting to use, being the products are made of natural ingredients, I won’t have any problems putting a “gluten-free” spin to it!

To give you a little piece of Italy…(1) lucky winner will get a chance to win the “Simple Italian Snacks” cook book by Jason Benton and Katherine Kellinger. To enter simply:

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3) Don’t forget to leave us a comment and share your favorite Italian cuisine

May the best foodie win!!! Stay tuned for more #WinningWednesday giveaways