What’s New Our Way?!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

You won’t believe the great things happening our way!!! *drumroll please…….* ๐Ÿ™‚

World meet…


Enchanted Sweets is an all-natural baked goods company free from common allergens such as wheat, gluten, dairy and soy. We have just given birth to our first baby and it couldn’t smell sweeter.

Believe me it took sometime to perfect the mixtures and play around with the sweeteners and spices! But our bellies were filled with lots of love and hope for what was being born.

Every new thing needs a fairy godparent, so Ganache Cafe in Hoboken was the chosen one. Being the Supervisor, I am constantly watching customers walk away with sad faces because we do not have allergy free goodies, telling them “chin, up they’re coming” only made me stay in the kitchen longer to make these beauties.


From left to right:

Cram My Gramckersย 

Cinnamon and Honey flavored mini cupcake (*Ganache’s signature coffee flavor is Graham Cracker)

Ganache CocoMoco

Espresso chocolate cupcake with Ganache topping

Nana’s Puddin

Soft banana cupcake

Are you as excited as I am? Wait! There’s more!

So… the theory behind Enchanted Sweets, is to develop what your imagination creates. So the mixture of these flavors could possibly be found somewhere is, but not likely. ๐Ÿ™‚ To spark a little something extra, we developed “Mythical Adventures”… dessert replicas of favorite foods… the first one to complete?! Hamburger and Fries.


That’s right, I said it! Mini hamburger sliders and steak fries… don’t believe me?! See the wizard’s secret potion below:


Whew! I’ve think I’ve sent you into a state of shock or even tickled your sweet tooth! My apologies! But just for kicks, here is the final display at Ganache.



#Foodie #Friday : Behind the Cafe Counter

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! I hope that you all have had a productive week just as I have. We haven’t been posting as much as we usually do, so I finally wanted to share why.

My foodie tendencies have transition from a passion to a switch of careers. Yes, I left my corporate job as a Publicist and decided to follow my heart. I live to cook, being in the kitchen lifts my spirit every time I pick up a spatula and put on an apron. As my Granny always tells me, you have to have love in the kitchen. My love speaks through each bite I take and or enjoy with someone else.

A few weeks ago, I decided to step out on a limb and try to get a job at a bakery or cafe. Hopefully in the next year or two I will open my own small cafe. Before I set out to conquer that goal, I thought it would be best to gain actual experience.

My resume came to a bit of a shock for the interviewers, it’s rather interesting watching someone see all of the brands I have helped build and my previous experience. Why a cafe? Why the food industry? A lot of questions with a simple answer… It’s my passion.

Enough said for Ganache Cafe! I will say when I open the doors to my own establishment, that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the team at Ganache who gave me a chance.

The team was so welcoming and I fit right it. I did find myself saying “who knew it was that hard to create foam for a cappuccino?” Believe me, it’s not easy at as you may think, so take it easy on the baristas that start your morning. After almost two weeks, I just finally got it down but there is room for improvement.

I am continuously picking the brain of one of their owners, Stephanie. Also in her early twenties, she is exactly where I hope to be soon, truly inspiring!

If you’re ever in Hoboken, stop by to see me and the team! I now make a delicious Caramel Macchiato! ๐Ÿ™‚

We Spy #GODIVAonthego

As I was strolling down Madison Ave, while shielding my eyes from the sun’s intrusive glow.

Something else bright caught my eye! A Godiva truck covered with delicious chocolates and illuminating the color of love.

Now I have to say that I am a fan of Godiva, but within the last few months dairy or gluten no longer agrees with my body.

Although I can no longer enjoy their delicious chocolate, this shouldn’t stop you!

If you are in the NYC area, the Sweetery team will be traveling around the city, selling goodies right out of the truck. I’m sure all of the busy and last minute loves will appreciate this!

If you are a chocolate lover, follow @GodivaChoc or the #GODIVAonthego hash tag to find a truck near you!

Hope my sweetie found a box of gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate! Leave it to me to be the difficult one! ๐Ÿ™‚