What Chia Pods & Ideas have in common!

From the desk of the 2nd Chef in Charge! What new idea have you come up with? What are you waiting for?

Her 1 Movement

Welp…for the next few days I’ll be working one (of my many jobs) in the city, NY that is. As much as I’m resistant to the 9-5 death trap, it’s only temporary and it pays the bills!

The thing I love most about New York City is the fact that there’s always ideas brewing. Even at 6:30 in the AM when people should just be waking up not rushing to the next train. Hey…that’s my opinion. BUT…it’s a wonderful thing.

This morning, I made my way into Duane Reade and stumbled upon a cool, new invention called the “Chia Pod.” It’s a healthy snack or breakfast for me. It comes in a little bowl with a spoon to match. This foodie idea is awesome. BUT the thing that hit me most was the thought of how and why the person behind this invented it. Perhaps, they were strolling through the…

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