#NationalHotBreakfastMonth Steel and Fresh

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Hope that you started your journey over the hump with a nice hot breakfast! Did you know February was “National Hot Breakfast Month”? Shockingly, February holds a lot of great mini holidays for foodies. Let me share a few, it is: Bake for Family Fun Month, National Chocolate Lovers Month. There are even certain foods that are highlighted as well: Avocado and Banana Month, Beans Month and Sweet Potato Month. I’ll be sure to share a few recipes in celebration of these delicious fruits and veggies.

Today, we are celebrating “National Hot Breakfast Month”, as I attempted to make my first batch of steel-cut oats. Although the box has instructions, I had to do a little google search and check out a few foodie sites that share tricks on how to cook steel-cut oats. The Kitchn had a great breakdown of all the necessary steps, which I found quite easy to follow.

I took their advice and prepared the oats last night. I must say the texture was so easy to work with this morning! I cut up a few fresh strawberries, packed up half and sent LaurenAsh off to work. I then warmed up the remaining, sliced up a few strawberries, then drizzled with honey (no sugar needed). 🙂


It smelled delicious and my taste buds were excited as I sat down to enjoy my hot breakfast!



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