#SuperBowl Party For 2

Although there were a lot of glitches during the Super Bowl yesterday, we made sure we had plenty of snacks to keep both our taste buds and minds occupied.

This was actually the first Super Bowl that we did not out to eat or go over someone else’s house. It was simply too cold and no need to really leave the house.

Unlike many foodies who might have started cooking in the early afternoon, we didn’t get started until about five, 5:01 to be exact.

On the menu: Pan-fried chicken strips, oven baked seasoned wedged fries, veggie tray and chocolate cupcakes served with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (coconut milk based).

The veggie tray was real simple to put together, I merely sliced up 2 celery stalks, handful of carrots, handful of cherry tomatoes, cut a few pieces of broccoli and we were all set. Carefully sectioned each veggie out and completed the tray with tropical mango salad dressing.

While I prepared the veggie tray, LaurenAsh was busy making “Big Daddy Seasoned Wedged Fries”. Be sure to check out the recipe, there were simply too many ingredients to share. I’ll just say there were simply delicious! Only thing, LaurenAsh forgot it was just the two of us and the portions according to the recipe were very different. Lets just say we’ll be using this delicious seasoning for quite a while.

It actually came in handy, since I decided to dress my chicken strips in the mixture. Once the strips were mixed, I pan fried them on our long griddle, that away everything would cook at one time.

20 minutes later, I plated the strips and wedges accompanied with the veggie tray and we were good to go.

We popped open our bottles of “New Grist (gluten-free beer) and started our party as Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook choir embraced a moment in history.


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