#WinningWednesday : @HotPockets Tasty Review/Giveaway

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Hope that you’ve put half the week behind you and looking forward to the weekend. 🙂

This week’s #winningwednesday deliciousness hails from Hot Pockets known for their quick and hot “on-the-go” style hand-held sandwiches. We had the pleasure of reviewing their stuffed meals and rewarding our great followers with a chance to enjoy them as well.

As you know we are gluten-free and although Hot Pockets have been around for 25 years, we are not lucky enough to have “gluten-free” options. I’m sure they’re working on it, baby steps! 🙂

This didn’t stop us from sharing it with you all! Hot Pockets provided me with a few coupons to grab a variety of my choice to enjoy. I had them sent to my parents, who were more than happy to try them out as I have not one but two growing teenage siblings as home!

My SAHM, was glad to have a break from cooking dinner! While scanning the aisles she grabbed the following selections: Pizzeria, Lean Pockets (Culinary Creation) and Soft Baked Subs .


I love the fact that they are individually wrapped and come with a little heating compartment. As a child we always had the breakfast selections in the freezer, which I often grabbed on my way to school. I’m sure you’re wondering how I heated it up…lets just say I was a slight teacher’s pet. 🙂

The delicious stuffed sandwiches can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks! They recently introduced their mini Snackers which I’m sure my mom picked up as well. Great quick snack to toss in the microwave or oven before dashing off to dance class or basketball practice.

I take it they had a fun time at the dinner table, because they sent me this pic! 🙂20130130-091248.jpg

If you want to enjoy the same hassle-free experience, and get a chance to win $25 worth of coupons from Hot Pockets, simply do the following:

1) Follow @HotPockets
2) Follow @TasteMyBuds
3) Tweet: “I just entered to win $25 worth of coupons from @HotPockets @TasteMybuds” #WinningWednesday

(2) Lucky Winners will receive $10 worth of coupons to enjoy these “on-the-go” stuffed sandwiches.
Giveaway will end 2/3 and the winners will be announced 2/4.


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