Home Barista with @Starbucks Blonde

Aww yes good day Monday! Please try not to grace me with your mayhem today! 🙂 please and thanks!

Instead of conquering the chilling winds of the crisp New York City air as I journey to the nearest Starbucks. I decided to try making my own cup of joe and carrying it along as my trusty sidekick.

One of the beautiful things of this mega star is not only can you purchase a bag of your favorite coffee at home, but you can take the empty bag into a store and be rewarded with a free coffee. The little joys in life make me happy, this is one of them.

So I whipped out my coffee press, 2 cups of boiling hot water and 2 tbsps of ground blonde.

4 minutes later, a spoonful of sugar and a little almond milk we were good to go. LaurenAsh has her mug and so do I, we are ready to face whatever this cold Monday has to offer!


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