#Winter Blues for the Bubbly

The official holiday spirit has arrived! Sure Thanksgiving is fun, but it’s more like the pre-game of the official event…Christmas!

Which I’m sure is most people’s favorite holiday! It’s totally one of mine, the other happens to be Easter (it’s right before my birthday) 🙂

So I recently stopped consuming alcoholic beverages, I must say it was easier than I thought. Every time I craved a tall glass of wine I thought about all the glasses that I’ve already enjoyed oh and not to mention all of the fun I had in college.

I have been doing absolutely fine up until now. Scanning the aisles of the market, a light bulb went off inside of my head. Omg!! What will I toast with to welcome the new year?!

Seriously! An overwhelming amount of panic rushed over me. Surely I couldn’t toast with an empty glass or a cup full of bunch. There must be a solution!

BINGO! There is was at the end of the aisle…Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider. The heavens parted and shined a glorious light on this bottle.

Surely it can be a good alternate to my fav Sparkling Moscato. I’m mean sure it won’t give me the relaxing feeling, need to dance or make me sleep for hours the next day. But I can fill my glass to welcome the new year, please my taste buds and keep a clear head.

I have to tell you that it was a great choice! Oops forgot to mention that I sampled it as soon as I got home. No worries Whole Foods had plenty left! 🙂



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