Breakfast with Banana and a Panda

Happy Monday Everyone! Aww yes the weekend has abandoned us and the work week patiently awaits full of mayhem.

I decided to try a little something different for breakfast today. Usually my meal consists of turkey bacon and eggs but today I am going to keep it simple.


LaurenAsh and I started adding EnvirozKidz cereal to our pantry a few weeks ago. Not only is it gluten-free its full of natural ingredients, has no preservatives and gives back to Earth.

The brand is centered around endangered animals which the majority of their proceeds go to. You can find it at Whole Foods Market, I usually go for the Peanut Butter Panda Puffs while LaurenAsh likes the Gorilla Munch.

Today, I added a little something extra to my puffs. A few slices of a banana paired extremely well with both the cereal and almond milk.


Don’t forget to check out this delicious cereal! It’s for a great cause.


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