Lunch #WholeFoodsMarket Style

#TGIF Doing a happy dance!

Lunch time is almost here so let me give you a few idea from one of my favorite places…Whole Foods Market.

I wanted to grab something quick and healthy so I picked up one of their hot & ready soups. I decided to pick one that I haven’t tried so I went with the Butternut Squash.


While the soup warmed, I started prepping the salad. Our favorite mix is the spring mix and herbs by Olivia’s.



The aroma from the soup has my taste buds watering so I had to move quickly.

Cut up a piece of chicken breast (also from Whole Foods). Mixed a little basil, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and olive oil to dress the salad.


It was all starting to come together. The salad was dressed and teased with pieces of grilled chicken breast and was now being accompanied by a soothing hot soup. I must say the plates look pretty colorful and delicious.




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