Beauty of Working from Home

It’s a beautiful day outside and my computer and I will be basking in the sunlight that beams through my office windows. 🙂

All of the blinds are open in the apartment and all of the rooms are illuminated by natural sunlight. A wonderful start to my morning.

I am lucky enough to have a career that I can work from home, being a publicist all you really need is your computer, phone, notepad, contact list and a pair of headphones. Our company office is currently under renovation so instead of being drowned by the sound of drills and construction workers, we had the option to work from home.

I believe that LaurenAsh enjoyed me being home more than I do, as I still work up this morning at our regular time and was able to cook a full breakfast. Usually I cook a quick breakfast and toss them in “to go” containers to warm when we get to work. Unfortunately, she still had to toss hers in a container but was able to sit at the table and enjoy a cup of tea while I packed the lunch.

After seeing her out the door, taking the pups out, I was able to exhale. Removed my food from the warming pans and delicately plated each item. The amount of relaxation that overwhelmed by body was amazing.

I was going to enjoy every second of this meal and piece of quiet that surrounded the room. The seasonings mixed with the fresh flowers that LaurenAsh gave me yesterday was simply heavenly.

Enough about me! What did you have for breakfast? 🙂


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