#Breakfast Burrito Style

Hey Everyone!

We survived #HurricaneSandy, it wasn’t a nice road but we made it through. Believe me after a week and a half without electricity we have plenty to talk about. Luckily we still had hot water and cooking gas, so we were cooking up our own little storm. 🙂

We hope that everyone out there that was affected by the hurricane is safe and sound also.

Let’s talk food now!

On the menu today, we have a breakfast burrito with a little spice.


3 strips of turkey bacon, halved

4 eggs

4 corn tortilas

cup of chopped sweet peppers and onions


In one pan, cook your bacon, I like it crispy but not burned

Saute’ your peppers in a 1/2 tbsp of butter

Whip your eggs real good while the peppers cook

Add in the egg mixture

Be sure to flip the bacon over ! Once the bacon is finished brown your tortillas in the same pan. Gives the tortillas a little flavor.

Scramble the eggs

Plate the tortillas, add the bacon first then egg mixture

I added a little something extra and topped with slices of avocado and mild taco sauce

Awwww yes, to Mexico and back!


One thought on “#Breakfast Burrito Style

  1. Elley: I was going to say that!! so happy to see someone else loves them as much as I do!It’s my brsfakaet EVERY morning, you get your protein, folic, vitamins etc- all the essentials to start your day right!!This is my go-to Green smoothie:1/2 cup of unsweetened coconut milk1/2 cup filtered water1 cup of spinach, kale, chard, dandelion leaf or other dark leafy green1/3 cup of frozen or fresh mango (or pineapple- I mix it up now and then)1 banana1 TBSP of chia seeds – they help keep you full for longerjuice of half a lemon – helps your digestion and cleanse your insides 🙂 It also helps give you stamina for the dayThis takes me less than ten minutes to make and I can easily drink it in the car.It’s easy to change it up too, I also like peaches, strawberries and apples in my smoothies. Use a variety of greens and milks – you can use almond milk, cows milk, goats milk – or even eliminate the milk and just use water. Which is what I do if I don’t have any on hand.I also usually have some Sprouted Wheat and Honey muffins from Trader Joes on hand for busy mornings – they are made with honey instead of sugar, so they’re soo much better for you! Sprouted wheat is a better flour than traditional all-purpose. So they are a healthier option and I will stay full for a few hours! I usually eat it with a piece of fruit, like an apple.

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