We’ve Been Nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Awards

It feels great to be loved! Thanks Kaylee’s World for nominating us for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Awards”.

As a part of the submission process, I have been asked to share a (7) things about us:

1. We LOVE food! 

2. We absolutely LOVE to travel, we hope to one day visit every state during this journey called life. 

3. We started this blog to share our love with food with others. 

4. We unfortunately work 9-5 desk jobs that neither one of us really want to do. 

5. We have been together since we were teenagers, 11 years and counting! 

6. We have (2) babies, aka our beloved pups, Dash our  laid-back, long-haired chihuahua and Chubbs our outgoing, friendly fawn pug

7. We love the movie Serendipity and recently relived their first date on our 11 year anniversary

This wouldn’t be a great experience, if we didn’t have the opportunity to share it with others. Being that said, we were asked to nominate (15 bloggers).

1. Kaylee’s World- We are still trying to master some of her cupcake recipes

2. Christian Mihai– his posts are so thought provoking

3. Patrick Latter- his adventurous photos make you want to pack up your belongings and travel the world

4. Balanced Peanut- she combines health and great recipes, definitely keeps me on my toes

5. The Mommy Factor- keeps me updated with local events in the NYC

6. The Next Kid Thing– always share the newest items for kids, we are kids at hear, don’t judge us!

7. Homemade Delish- she always thinks outside the box while putting together her recipes

8. One Momma Saving Money– One of the most supportive blogger friends that I have

My mind is everywhere! This is so hard! I have to narrow down the rest of my suggestions and share them tomorrow.


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