It’s SNACK time…Healthy Style

Since becoming healthy #foodies we have found snack time rather interesting. No longer are our cabinets full of Oreos, cheddar and sour cream chips or cans of cream soda.

Do you know what snack time consists of now? OH! You do?

Going to call this one…GuacThins


2 handfuls of Blue Diamond’s Pecan Nut-Thins

1/2 tsp of Guacamole dry mix

1 ripe avocado


Boom! Check it out! Your taste buds, calories and body will thank you later.

We hope this delicious concoction can be added to your snack menu!


5 thoughts on “It’s SNACK time…Healthy Style

  1. Cheaper version of dried mango but maybe you could get rid of all the salekprs and yeahhhhs. They are really annoying. Also info on how to dehydrate in an oven would be helpful. Most kitchens have an oven but not a special dehydrator like y

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