Yikes! We’ve Become Healthy Foodies!

So, I was putting together our dinner menu and took a trip over to the fridge to find this…

I realized that literally everything in my refrigerator was healthy. There was nothing with caffeine, no soda (pop), no sugary fruit juice…nothing. Instead there was Almond Milk, Artisan Water, Super fruit concoction and Coconut Water. Oh and if I would have snapped a picture of the second shelf, you’ll find another section of Coconut Water, Organic Brown Eggs, a bag of fresh spinach leaves, a bag of kale, and  a package of sliced cantaloupe.

What happened to the days where there was day-old pizza, lunchables, cans of cream soda and Sunny Delight?! I guess that all changes when you actually find out how many chemicals that you can’t pronounce and overall unhealthy ingredients are certain foods. Funny the things that you thought your taste buds liked…were also the things that were slowly making you sick, pack on the pounds or the cause of your sudden lost of energy.

Welp!!! Now that I have crossed over into the healthy foodie world! My days are full of interesting healthy, wholesome ingredients in which I can pronounce every last one of them. Not to mention my body is full on energy most of the days…sometimes the NYC streets get the best of me.

However, I can honestly say it was one of the healthiest and best decisions that I have made as an adult. Something I try to share with my family, friends and will incorporate into the lives of my unborn children.

So my message to you… Join the movement! Be Healthy!



5 thoughts on “Yikes! We’ve Become Healthy Foodies!

  1. I missed the consett, but want to contribute anyway…I love reading your blog to see what you are creating from day to day. The gorgeous photographs inspire me. I have been a “plain” wholesome cook for many years, and am always interested in new ideas for incorporating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains into our diet.

  2. Way to go, Suzie! And I’m glad you picked Graham Kerr as your faantsy dinner chef — he really made cooking fun and accessible to people like never before. He was a real pioneer of “celebrity chefs” and I think is in danger of being forgotten today in a now very crowded field.

  3. Congrats, Alison! What an exciting cotmptieion – and your recipe looks fabulous (as usual). Our pantry is always stocked with black beans, orzo, and oats. (And, thanks to Coupon Kitchen…our fridge is always full of produce and fresh meat!)Thanks!eberle.lauren (at) gmail.com

  4. Mabel you’ll never believe this. I aclatluy went to St. Viateur!!! What a pure co-incidence. I went the the store on Monkland though but I would have to agree the bagels were so delicious!!! Sesame is the way to go!!! As I was walking away I thought to myself I should’ve just brought some bagels home with me’. But that’s okay the next time I go back to visit my friend I’ll make sure I grab some!

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