Chai My Latte Birch


Hands down Birch Coffee has one of the best Chai Tea lattes I’ve even had. #TGIF to celebrate we took a walk down to Birch to enjoy a delicious cup of chai.

The atmosphere is the perfect hangout spot after a long week, the music is calm with a hippy feel. The chatter is present but not overpowering..we hate the Happy hour joints on a Friday…yikes! You can barely hear your own thoughts, then you have to try to hear what other people are saying? I think not!

After reflecting about our day for a few moments…order up!


Awkward yes…seriously our taste buds are on total relaxation mode. Perfect blend of sweet and spicy with just enough soy.

We must have really been in need of a good latte…


If you are in the NYC area by 5th ave and 27th, stop by Birch, it’s right next to the Gershwin Hotel. Did I mention there is also a library upstairs for those who just want quiet time with their chai?

Sssh sssh. We have an announcement! Birch Coffee YOU’VE BEEN BUDDED!,


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