Morning Sir Hump Day

Aw yes, the most unusual part of the work week, half of the week is behind us and the other half is patiently waiting. How lucky Sir Hump must be to have his own day. I wonder who came up with this clever idea of “hump day”? I can truly say that when Wednesday approaches I am either dragging my feet or making a run for it.

Unfortunately, I am feel a little low today, that is keeping me home from work. So here I sit, curled up in my fuzzy robe snuggling with my computer. So I decided to make a “pick me up” breakfast to give me a little boost of energy.


2 eggs

handful of chopped red and green peppers

1 tbsp of butter

a few slices of turkey bacon

1/2 tsp of cinnamon

Melt your butter into a small frying pan, once it has melted, add in your handful of peppers. While the peppers are soften, whip the eggs in a small bowl. Gently add in the whipped eggs into the pan.

Once the egg starts to cook, I sprinkle in the cinnamon, I know it seems a little weird putting it in the mixture. But it adds a little something extra.

While the omelet starts to form, I cook my few slices of bacon. I love the smell of turkey bacon once it starts to brown. Consequently, both my omelet and bacon finish at the same time. I am ready to chow down! Even though my head is banging, my stomach is growling with anticipation.

I have to say that although my taste buds are content, my body is still exhausted. Guess today was the day, that I really need to relax and chill out with Sir Hump.

Happy Hump Day! 


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