Morning! Hello Mello!

Aww yes, Happy Hump Day to all of you wonderful people in Neverland, the world of Dreams aka Earth. Ok, so maybe I had some loopy juice today, better yet, I share with you what was in my juice. 🙂

I decided to slip away from the Green Monster Smoothie for a moment and create my own concoctions. I’ll call this one “Hello Mello”.


1 cup of Almond Milk (Silk preferred) 

1 tsp of Honey

1 tsp of honey

1 ripe banana

2 slices of honeydew

2 mint leaves 

Mix all of your ingredients into your blender

For some reason my favorite part is the blending, watching everything get sucked up and spun around like a tornado is really amazing to me.


My work here is done, and my energy level is high! I am geared and ready to get over this hump of a day!


2 thoughts on “Morning! Hello Mello!

  1. It pains me to see what kids bring in their lunchboxes, not to meonitn all the packing trash that is generated. Course, the other side of that is the AWFUL school lunches that are served. I’m with you, when my kids go to their co-op I use plastic containers. I especially like the ones you can buy at Asian grocery stores with all of the little compartments already built in (bento boxes). One container to clean at the end of the day.Thank you for teaching the way.

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