Facial for Breakfast

This morning after I stretched and rolled around my bed at the dreadful thought of getting up. A question instantly popped in my head…what’s for breakfast?

Of course, that gave me a little boost of energy and I got up. Said good morning to my pups with a loving pat on the head and belly rub, then made my way to the fridge. After scanning the shelves I came across the fresh facial masque that I purchased from LUSH last week.

I had been so occupied with the other contents of the fridge that I totally forgot all about it.

It’s one of the newest masques from their facial line that I am trying. It read “Ayesha” guess she and I would be enjoying each other’s company for breakfast.

The particular masque was perfectly blended with asparagus, kiwi and elderflower that made an absorbent clay and funky color.


So I started preparing the table with all my necessities, the delicious masque, napkins and a tall glass of warm water. Someone else decided to join me…what do you know LaurenAsh has decided to start her day! She generally does not like mud masque, but I persuaded her to try it out.

It’s a rather interesting feeling when applying the masque, because it’s cold. So it definitely wakes up all of your senses! Once I got used to the feeling, I had to brace LaurenAsh.

After a few minutes the masque begins to tighten, for some reason we kept wanting to smile to avoid our faces from getting stuck!

It looks kind of weird too, but feels amazing!

I guess you know it has completed its job, when it starts to harden and completely turns colors.

Once we rinsed our faces, our skin was extremely soft. Definitely worth all of the weird transitions and funny faces! I didn’t even bother putting on makeup for the rest of the day because of the glow the facial left!

Thanks LUSH for the delicious facial breakfast!


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