Oh Shucks! Catching Fish at Sea

Last month, we had the pleasure to visit the sunny state of Florida, specifically a little town called Orlando. It was one of the most adventurous, yet relaxing trips we have had. As we told you before, we went on an excursion and visited several restaurants.

During our stay we drove to Cocoa Beach, which is only 45 mins from Orlando. It was extremely relaxing, the roads were calm, the scenery was amazing! Given that our daily scenery consists of sky-line buildings, clusters of people and sirens, this is heaven. Blue skies, beautiful trees and vibrant green grass, what else could we ask for?!

Well…the whole point of the trip was to end up at the beach right?!


After we took in a few sun rays, exfoliated our feet in the sand and tried to conquer a few waves. That conversation started, you know the one where your stomach tells your brain it’s hungry then your taste buds jump in to say what it wants. Well that’s what happened.

Luckily, we took refuge right next the Cocoa Beach Pier there were plenty of good places to eat. We threw on our cover ups and decided to try out the Oh Shucks Seafood bar.

I must say this will be the first time that I dined in a swimsuit, funny thing was we were the only people in the restaurant that actually covered up.

We sat smack dab in the center so we can do what we do best…people watch. The menu was nice and simple so it didn’t take us long before we decided what we wanted. LaurenAsh ordered the clam strips basket while I went with the crab cake burger. We usually don’t eat a lot of fried foods so we ordered a veggie basket as the appetizer.


Once the food came, LaurenAsh had no hesitation diving tongue first into her clam strip basket.

I on the other hand, took a few moments to process my meal. This was by far the largest crab cake that I have ever seen. Now don’t get me wrong, the crabby patties on Spongebob did look rather large, but I figured it was just an exaggeration for television…right? WRONG!


No seriously, once I put everything together, this thing was massive.

Welp, there is no time to waste, my taste buds are dying to see what it taste like. Well folks, I must say it was delicious. I had to cut it in half because of the magnitude of the concoction. However, I am sad to report, that the other half was left in the basket, it was simply too big for me to endure. I was actually pretty sad about considering its rare that I waste food, but that was a major undertaking.

Should you ever take a trip to Cocoa Beach, be sure to stop at the Pier and visit Oh Shucks Seafood bar! If you decide to tackle this massive crab cake burger, don’t go on the mission alone. Come with an empty stomach or a partner in crime!


2 thoughts on “Oh Shucks! Catching Fish at Sea

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