Avoiding the Morning Confusion w/Infusion…Tea that is

Sooo…your alarm clock goes off, you slowly climb out of bed, do your morning ritual (you know shower, brush your teeth, complain etc.) Next, comes the infamous declaration, “I NEED my coffee!” However, if your like me or Ms. D, you say, “Where the h#ll is my cup of Tea?” Our tastebuds have grown to have a new-found love for tea. BUT not just any tea you pick up in your local supermarket. We’re talking the kind of tea that is like having a parade in your mouth (YES it really exist!)

Since traveling back from Orlando and discovering a new world of tea at Infusion Tea, we’ve strapped on our Barista hats and decided to make it fresh every morning! Honestly, it gets no better! It’s only taking 5 minutes out of your precious life okay maybe 6.

Today, we opted for the Moroccan Mint. This is a light, Green Tea (as in the type) with a delicate mint flavor that just makes your Buds scream for more. It’s a great way to get your day started. It’s really a very simple process. You guys can do it right in your kitchen. Hey, think of it this way, by making it fresh at home you can add-on about 15 extra minutes of sleep! Uh YEAH!

It’s easy. This is all you need:

1) Coffee Press (don’t worry you can make loose leaf tea in this we asked the guy at Macy’s)

2) 2 tbsp of Moroccan Mint Green Tea (yields 2 servings)

3) Enough hot water to make 2 cups= 2 cups of hot water 🙂

4) 1 tbsp of honey

4) Timer (iPhone works great)

Bring two cups of water to a slight boil. Add 2 tbsp of tea to your presser. Next, add your water to your presser. Push the top down slowly and then slowly pull it back up and let it steep for 3 minutes.

Once this step is complete, add your honey to your cup and get ready to enjoy because we’re almost there. What’s that I hear…

Our tea is ready to enjoy! Now, you can gather up all your personal things and your briefcase if you want to act all fancy smancy and be on your way. OH! I almost forgot don’t leave home without your Moroccan Slippers!

Have a Happy Day!


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