Sipping Away at Infusion Tea


Fresh off the plane of course the taste buds were connecting with our stomachs, sending a nice little signal of hunger. No worries, we are planners so we already know where this journey will leads us. Our trusty friend Groupon provided us with a delightful little special for Infusion Tea, a known tea cafe within the metro area. Being avid tea drinkers this was right up our alley.

It wasn’t hard to find and provided great scenery for visitors, the atmosphere was also peaceful and inviting. We were greeted by the laughter of school girls doing their homework while enjoy assorted teas and splitting egg salad wraps.

The menu gave such a variety of food selections that our taste buds simply could not make their minds up. Our groupon allowed us to have 2 entrees, a pot of tea and 2 gelatos…yummy. For entree, I will have the Tempeh Taco Salad something about the organic tortilla strips and house-made chipotle ranch dressing invited a fiesta in my mouth.

As LaurenAsh decided on the Avocado delight wrap filled with fresh avocado, hummus and sunflower seeds. Something else caught my eye…silky avocado, chopped apples, citrus vinaigrette dressing…excuse me miss can I change my order?! I made my mind up on the Uptown Apple Salad.

Whew! Now that we have the entrees down next comes the real challenge…which tea will we have? Behind the register holds at least 100 selections of rare teas. How can we decide? Unfortunately we had to decide quickly because the line was starting to get long.

We mostly drink green teas so we asked the barista what she suggested…Midnight Jasmine…she answered immediately. Great! We’ll go with that. Within minutes we were presented with a pot full of happiness.


The aromas became more evident as we patiently waited for the tea to steep. The waiter instructed us to allow this particular tea to steep for three minutes as he turned the timer. Once the timer ran out, we were ready!

It was rather amusing seeing the honey that was placed at each table. We had the pleasure of using not just any honey, but Winter Park raw honey made only in Florida. This showed the support that this community had for each other, which made the experience even more enjoyable.

I must say the barista’s recommendation was a perfect choice. The tea was simply sensation, it went perfectly with our meals that was both light and delicious. After finishing our meals and two cups of tea each we were ready for dessert.

Having gelato only once so we were eager to try it again. I chose the Dolce Leche as LaurenAsh selected the Pineapple. They were more than gracious with the portions and we were grateful for EVERY bite.

After such a delightful experience, we couldn’t leave empty handed! The staff at Infusion gives their guest the wonderful choice to take the selection of rare teas home. My excitement level was climbing the ladder about now…we decided on the Midnight Jasmine due to our calming lunch experience.Great things come in pairs, so we also selected the Moroccan Mint Green Tea, something about the name screamed “refresher” after our long journey back to NYC.

The barista even gave us a menu to keep! We will definitely be ordering next samples faithfully. This cafe comes highly recommend for anyone who is visiting or living in the Orlando area!

Before we go..we have an announcement…Infusion Cafe…YOU’VE BEEN BUDDED!!! 


2 thoughts on “Sipping Away at Infusion Tea

    • So glad that you liked our Infusion Tea experience, be sure to check it out soon! Thanks again for stopping by, we will be posting our reviews on other restaurants in the Orlando area.

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