Taste buds’ Orlando Adventure

This week our traveling adventures takes us to the beautiful land of magic, also known as the “sunshine state”. Before visiting Orlando we made sure to look up plenty of restaurants to ensure are taste buds would have just as much fun as the kids inside us would. After all, we were there solely to visit the magical world of Disney.

Our trusty resource Groupon had plenty of choices for us to choose from. Throughout this journey our friend Groupon will bring us to Infusion Tea. We cheated a little on our good friend, Living Social offered us a great spread at Saffron Indian Cuisine . Places we will visit on our own will be Tony’s Town Square Restaurant courtesy of my favorite pet-themed Disney movie “Lady and The Tramp,” Atlantic Ocean Grille during our trip to Cocoa Beach and Oceanaire Seafood Room while sightseeing in downtown Orlando.

Now I am sure our taste buds will send messages to the mastermind of our decisions, but for now these are the stops we have in mind. Stay tuned for our reviews on these delicious places. If you have any suggestions during our stay let us know!


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