Traveling the Streets of NYC…We Found…

Traveling the Streets of NYC…We Found a girl name Wendy. Well not really, it was Wendy’s Truck

Did you know that the ol’ redhead has her own coffee line? Excuse me breakfast line? You can now go to Wendy’s not only for delicious burgers and sea salt fries, but their egg biscuits are to die for.

I seriously wish they were giving out breakfast food, even though I was on my lunch break. But my good ol’ taste buds didn’t seem to mind the delicious free, FREE, ice coffee that this chipper gentleman was passing out

I must say it certainly quenched my thirst. Especially with the sun beaming on the back of my neck. Check out all of the other walkers that enjoyed a cup of joe from Wendy.

If you’re in the Manhattan area, maybe you can still catch the truck on the corner of 5th and 28th st. If not, stop by your nearest Wendy’s and grab a cup of that deliciousness. Your taste buds will thank you!

Mine did! 🙂


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