What Type of Traveler Are You? Discover Your Destination

There are people that have explored the world beyond the familiar streets of their hometown. People that have climbed mountains, swam in oceans, pushed aside trees in the rain forest or even floated through the sky while jumping out of a plane. But how far have you traveled? Are you capable of swimming with dolphins? Or can you stomach eating chocolate crickets?

The time is now! Find out what type of traveler you are.

1) Authentic

You prefer a life that is more structured, stable and predictable. You would rather follow some set patterns or routines in your life so that you are more likely to know what will happen during each day and, therefore, can plan or prepare for it much better. Read more…

2) Mid-Authentic

Laid back, calm, easygoing, happy-go-lucky, unruffled, untroubled, informal, unceremonious, casual, and carefree. A lot of these words probably apply to you. You’ve even heard them used by friends and associates to describe you in the past. Read more…

3) Centric Authentic

You belong to one of the two largest personality groups on my scale. Three out of ten people share your personality characteristics. You are called an authentic because of your steady, predictable (authentic) approach to your daily life, and your centric label derives from characteristics you share in common with persons who fit in the center of the personality scale. Your travel interests and daily life are more varied and diverse than either authentics or mid-authentics. Read more…

4) Venturer
Leisure travel occupies a central place in your life. If you are a typical venturer, you go to more places, more often and participate in more unique experiences than anyone else.Read more…

5) Mid-Venturer
As a mid-venturer, your personality fits between venturers and those more in the center of the personality spectrum (“centrics”). You share a number of characteristics in common with pure venturers. You like to travel, especially to foreign destinations and you seek new experiences and new destinations for almost all trips you take. Read more…

6) Centric-Venturer

By definition, you fit between venturers and authentics but with a leaning towards the venturer side. Compared to other groups, you have lots of company. Three out of ten travelers (30%) place in your group, making you one of the largest segments of travelers. Read more…

Now that you have discovered what type of traveler you are, book your next vacation! OR pick a country or city that you want to visit look up a dish that they are known for and make it. PICK ONE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!


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