Food at BlogHer ’12: Part 1- Soy Sauce Ice Cream

If you don’t know what BlogHer is then you are not a real blogger or a real blogger “lover.” Every die-hard blogger was in New York City this past week for the annual BlogHer Conference, unless you were unable to find a sponsor or simply wasn’t a necessary expense. Believe me, I saved to get there myself, and I had a “one-night” only pass. That means I had a few hours to get as much out of the experience as I could before the clock stroked midnight.

I was so excited to be able to attend such a great event, can you believe there were over 4,000 registered bloggers there?! So of course my first stop was registration. Which was so simple, literally state your name, your blog, ID, 1-2-3, you had your badge and was ready to go. Ohhh snaps, we are official, no one can stop me now, I have a badge!

After sharing hugs and giggles with a few of my blogger friends, my journey began. Operation “Exhibition Hall 1” was in effect, the 1st stop Kikkoman.

Kikkoman is known for their delicious soy sauce. I did say soy sauce right? Well taste buds brace yourselves, we are about to go on a ride.The chefs at Kikkoman must have been hot in the kitchen one day and wanted to cool things off a bit when they came up with this one! Soy Sauce Ice Cream?! Really?! I read the sign several times before actually accepting the sample.

I listened to the rep tell me about the recipe and how it was her idea, where it came from and so on, I honestly couldn’t tell you what she was saying because my taste buds were having a round table discussion, trying to decide exactly what was going on. It was salty, but sweet, sweet but tangy, good but interesting. It was just way too much for everyone to handle. To be totally honest, we just have to put it in the record that we tried it and under vote “unknown”.

I must say this was an interesting one, stay tuned to see what else our taste buds experienced.


One thought on “Food at BlogHer ’12: Part 1- Soy Sauce Ice Cream

  1. Greetings from your Hanoi Cooking Centre bud, now back in Austin, Texas. Julie, you’re an ARTISTE. Photos are beautiful . . . relaly beautiful. Holler if you ever make it to Austin. Karen Bartoletti

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