You’ve Been Budded: Pounds and Ounces NYC

In honor of NYC’s Restaurant Week, I took a little walk to a restaurant called Pounds and Ounces that came highly recommended by my co-workers. Although I had a tasty lunch that I brought from home, actually one of my favs, Garlic Chicken over Rice courtesy of my favorite Chinese restaurant, my taste buds became intrigued by merely the name of this restaurant.

Will they be serving my portions according to pounds and ounces? Will I have to choose my sides as a pound or an ounce? I must, yes taste buds, we must check this out.

So, the lunch bell rang on our outlook calendars and we started our journey to this foreign place of lbs. and oz.
Immediately, the sounds “ahhhh” as if we were a choir poured in sync out of our mouths when we walked in. The ambiance was enough to merely sit and have a glass of lemon water that will leave you full. There was so much to see, yet so elegantly positioned and designed. We were the first guests during lunch hour so we were really able to take in the atmosphere.

There were murals on the walls, a communal table in the front of the room, where depending on how you looked at it had a “P” on one end and an “O” at the other end. I was so busy looking at the murals that I did not notice the waiter approach the table, we later found out that the murals were designed by Manny Castro.

So let’s get down to business, after all we are here to eat, my taste buds gently reminded me. My mouth starts to water when looking over the menu, being that it was NYC’s Restaurant Week, the restaurant prepared a special menu for its guest. Each guest will have the choice to enjoy an appetizer, entree and dessert for $24.07, oh and did I forget to mention a signature shot courtesy of the bartender.

After careful thought, I decided on the Mac & Cheese croquettes served with a white wine gouda sauce, Oven Roasted Chicken served with heirloom potatoes, baby carrots tossed in a summer truffle herb sauce and for dessert, Ricotta Donuts.

My taste buds could hardly wait for the treat they were about to receive, but not before the famous “Country Plate” was both served and devoured at our table.
Here was a platter of grilled pieces of sourdough that were accompanied by homemade spreads of ” jalapeno egg”, chicken & grape, truffle & chive goat cheese, garbanzo & feta and olive & artichoke tapenade. The combination of the spreads were simply delicious, my taste buds have officially started a party in my mouth.

I believe the DJ is getting ready to put on a really good song, as the waiter brings out my Mac & Cheese Croquettes.

I think this is a slow one folks, oh yes, definitely a slow song as I try my best to enjoy every single bit, down to the very last, wait, yes, last bite. Taste buds, taste buds, earth to taste buds, are you ok? Seem to have drifted onto a happiness cloud. Honestly, I think we can all go home after that one, tell your friends that it was a great party… such a great party that everyone MUST tell all your friends about it.

Not so fast, I think the DJ has another one for the crowd! I think he is getting ready to show off with this ensemble. The main course has arrived, and in style I might add. The aromas have my taste buds awaiting the 1st bite, I hear giggles to my left and right as my co-workers express their excitement over their food as well. I was in such a trance that I forgot I wasn’t dining alone. Across the table were also selections of the Oven Roasted Chicken, in addition to what is called the “P & O Burger.”

I definitely think it got its name from the its size, 10 oz of beef, dressed in a tequila thousand island dressing, grilled onions and topped with a fried egg over a parker roll. If I wasn’t on a “no red meat” craze at the moment, I would definitely have indulged in this deliciousness. This is one of their signature burgers, not to mention the surprise that you’ll find in your ketchup. Let’s just say it pops it your mouth with every bite.

 Silence has fallen over my table as we enjoy both the presentation and tasty goodness that was placed before us. As we place our folks on cleaned, I repeat CLEANED plates, I am ready to give a standing ovation for the wonderful experience that we all have just endured. There is just one more thing that has to make our meals complete, dessert of course.
A few chose scoops of ice cream, while I stuck to the ricotta donuts. I must say, it simply sealed the deal. We close our check, discuss how we are going to walk back to the office so we won’t fall asleep at our desks,  take in the ambiance a little while longer and thank the host and waiter for such a delightful experience.
Shh, shh, there is an announcement to be made. Quiet everyone, Taste Buds have spoken and it is confirmed, Pounds and Ounces, YOU’VE BEEN BUDDED!!! Congratulations! We will definitely tell our friends, who will tell their taste buds, I mean friends that they HAVE to check out your place!

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