Paula knows best…

So…it’s definitely been a while since we’ve graced your BUDS with some new and exciting foods to try! Please forgive us! I attribute this to our journey back home to the BUCKEYE state. For those who don’t know, that’s OHIO! Please no bball jokes *mean face* Ha!

BUT… on this journey back I decided I would put some much-needed time and effort into getting some business done. I was very successful! I took the time to lay around in PJs and watch cooking shows! Paula Dean to be exact. Yes…you all have done that at some point in time in your life. Productive right?! I mean what’s better than lying around watching Paula Dean excite our taste buds with these aaamazing foods we can’t try with her?! However, if you’re smart, like me of course :-), you just write down the recipe on your handy-dandy notebook on your iPhone. No iPhone, please people this is a must have in the “real world.”

Lemon Coconut macaroons was the dish of choice! You would think I was a dog salivating for Beggin Strips watching her prepare this dessert. Seriously Paula, can we have tickets to a show?!

I can’t say how they taste just yet…but I will definitely let you know soon! In the mean time, I’ll be happy to share this recipe with all of you wonderful people. If you make it before we do, you MUST let us know how it turns out!

The iPhone version: For Dummys!  No offense but I’m no “ProfessIONAL” and that’s how I interpret things haha! Enjoy ya’ll!


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