To Japan and Back

Ok, so we have to admit it, we are total sushi lovers. Lovers of sushi are very hard to come by we found, when trying to share our feelings with others. Maybe just maybe, there are a few sushi lovers that will come across this post and be able to understand our feelings.

So now that I have shared our true feelings, I want to give you a little insight on the love affair that we have been having with the East Japanese Restaurant on 3rd ave in NYC. It truly leaves us satisfied every time we visit.

Let me share why, first and foremost its very small, small in a way that makes the experience personable. The hostess announces your arrival, with a chant that we have not quite figured out yet, but stay tuned.

There is a conveyor belt of prepared dishes in case you are starving and do not want to look at the menu, or for those who are greedy and choose to order off the menu and grab from the belt aka “US”. They have a little system where the prices are determined by the color of the plate, which I thought was very creative. Generally, we might grab our dessert from the belt, which is one the black plate for $4.50.

My apologies for skipping to dessert so fast, I am just really excited to share this experience with you. This particular Friday date night, our order consisted of Tatsuta Age for Appetizer, which are lightly fried chicken chunks. We actually had a language lesson with the waiter as he tried to teach us how to correctly pronounce it. No sense of enjoying the meal, if we don’t know how to say what are eating.

Not only did we enjoy the friendly chat over appetizer, the main course was even more enticing. As we savored, fresh mackerel, a California roll, Philadelphia roll and Sweet Potato roll. The meal left us satisfied and very appreciative of this love affair that we were having. image
Fun fact: Did you know that sushi actually means “sour-tasting” in Japanese? Well rest assure that sushi never leaves a sour taste in our mouths and the taste buds are always satisfied. I mean always!

Do I even have to say it?!

East Japanese Restaurant you are officially BUDDED! If you are ever in the NYC area, definitely make it a point to drop by and flirt with conveyor belt.


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