Across the Sea from Our house to yours


We’re back at it again! The daily debate of what to have for dinner! I was definitely feeling a little Dallas BBQ myself 🙂 …I Know Ms. D would definitely NOT go for that, considering we’re trying to go a healthier route! Blah blah! WTF?! Tastebuds…HELP! Don’t fail me now!

After raiding the fridge, until my eyes nearly popped out the socket, I saw it. There it lay! A nice, pink, succulent 1lber! Of what you ask… Salmon!  From where you ask…the ATLANTIC!  

That’s right! We’ve decided to travel all the way to the Atlantic, Greenland to be exact, to bring back one of the world’s tastiest sea creatures. This fish is a Chef’s playground! There are so many ways to slice, dice and prepare.

Fun Fact:

The Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) is a species of fish in the family Salmonidae, which is found in the northernAtlantic Ocean and in rivers that flow into the north Atlantic and (due to human introduction) the north Pacific. It is also commercially known as bay salmon, black salmon, caplin-scull salmon, fiddler, grilse, grilt, kelt, landlocked salmon, ouananiche, outside salmon, parr, Sebago salmon, silver salmon, slink, smolt, spring salmon or winnish. (Thanks Wikipedia!) 

Alright…enough of the history class lets get down to business! I strapped on my cooking hat (not literally guys) and was ready for another tasteful adventure. I pulled out all of my handy-dandy chef tools, you know a knife, fork, and cooking spoon haha and prepared to cook it up!

The first task was to skin the Salmon ALIVE! Um not literally. However, I did have the absolute honor and pleasure of de-skinning the salmon (wait is de-skinning a word?) Next, I pulled out, what I like to call my “BIG 3,” my 3 favorite seasonings: Pepper, Garlic Salt (please use in moderation) and Italian seasoning. These 3 work wonders. OH! Don’t forget a fresh lemon. The flavor works excellent with Salmon. Seasoned my salmon to perfection and then popped them in the oven.

As we patiently waited for the salmon to cook, I decided to spice things up a bit. A Red Pepper and fresh Onion always do the trick.  I lightly sautéed these peppers and onions in a cap full of Olive Oil and topped it off with “THE BIG 3” and of course some fresh squeezed lemon juice. Wait…Something was still missing!

How was I going to make this a complete meal with just Salmon?! Suddenly, my taste buds whispered sweet nothings in my mouth. Spaghetti noodles! That was it! I’d top the meal off with a thin spaghetti paired with a homemade olive oil dressing. Yes!

After what seemed like forever, 45 minutes to be exact, Viola! Dinner is served! OMG…the salmon mixed with the lightly seasoned noodles mixed with the homemade olive oil dressing with a hint of lemon was like heaven on earth.

It was quite an experience venturing off to the Atlantic. Feel free to come along for the ride next time!


After this experience, I’ll definitely have to say I’ve BUDDED myself!

 Velbekomme! Oh…that’s Danish for Bon appétit which we say in English, Let’s get down! HaHa!

Disclaimer: You don’t have to worry about trying to copy my recipe! No it’s not for sale so don’t ask! Just kidding, feel free to follow our blog and we’ll be happy to share all of our wonderful ideas 🙂


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