Occupy Wall Street and IHOP

After the end of every long day your body starts to sound the hunger alarm. It just so happened that mine sounded at exactly 6:00, the coincidence. Although we said we were going to travel to Mexico and make those delicious Chicken tacos, something tells me, well my stomach tells me that we aren’t going to make.

Hmm…what to do?! Check in with my trusty GPS (Groupon Promises Satisfaction) Sweet!!! I have (2) vouchers left, snap, expiring next week?! Choices, choices. A) Indian restaurant in Queens or B) the new International House of Pancakes in Union Square?

Tastebuds work your magic…give them a sec people they are the decision makers. Ok, we are headed for the train, drum roll please…snap, we are going International folks. The crowd in my mouth goes wild.

I must say this international journey sure comes with chaos. Stepping off the train, there were people everywhere I mean literally everywhere. Not knowing that we were walking directly into the heart of Occupy Wall Street’s new headquarters.

It was quite a sight, there were people playing chess, checkers, singing, playing drums, making signs, dancing, you name it people were doing. The alarm sounded angrily, my apologies got off course for a second.

The journey continues…we are IHOP bound. The wait? Only a few minutes, a  good sign. Table choice? ehh it was ok, but had to listen to a couple’s entire conversation that evidently they wanted the whole restaurant to hear. The food? Thought you would never ask, AMAZING! I had the Stuffed French Toast with Cinammon Apple Compote, eggs, hash browns and turkey sausage. Lauren had the Cinn-a-Stacks, eggs, hashbrowns, turkey sausage.

Seriously, either we were really hungry or they had a new cook. IHOP has not ever pleased my tastebuds that way before.

Fun fact: The original concept behind IHOP was to create a restaurant which featured various types of pancakes and similar foods such as crepes and blintzes from all over the world, offered at affordable prices until the 1980s when they expanded to standard lunch and dinner options.

Overall it was a good experience, although we only like to put our stamp on smaller franchises, it’s worth a  near-budded!


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