Eat, Pray, and Lovin Life at Karma Cafe

Our first stop on this journey of food exploration was to the land of Hoboken, NJ, specifically Washington St. Let me paint a little picture of this magical land, here you will find eatery of every culture, on one street.

Seriously, on ONE street you can find German, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Belgium, Spanish, you name it they have it. Whew, ok so we decided to make this street our 1st destination to conquer. It’s almost like we are on the Amazing Race and this is our 1st challenge, to try everything we can before our tastebuds explode.

So we geared up and began our hunt to please our buds, it wasn’t long before our stomachs started growling and pointed us right to Karma Kafe.

This definitely was going to be a great experience. As we picked up the menu, the words simply spoke to us “a great place to ponder…become one with your surroundings…soothe your senses…may even help you attain Nirvana”.

Aww man the choir was singing in our mouths by now, we enjoyed an amazing buffet that is $10 per person everyday between 12-3pm. Where there was a variety of dishes to try both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The best part to me was the Tandoori bread and salads. OH! How could I forget the amazing Masala Chai tea that complimented our meals so well.


We definitely felt stuffed, relaxed and refreshed all at the same time.

Shall I say it?! They were definitely BUDDED!


2 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, and Lovin Life at Karma Cafe

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