What Chia Pods & Ideas have in common!

From the desk of the 2nd Chef in Charge! What new idea have you come up with? What are you waiting for?

Her 1 Movement

Welp…for the next few days I’ll be working one (of my many jobs) in the city, NY that is. As much as I’m resistant to the 9-5 death trap, it’s only temporary and it pays the bills!

The thing I love most about New York City is the fact that there’s always ideas brewing. Even at 6:30 in the AM when people should just be waking up not rushing to the next train. Hey…that’s my opinion. BUT…it’s a wonderful thing.

This morning, I made my way into Duane Reade and stumbled upon a cool, new invention called the “Chia Pod.” It’s a healthy snack or breakfast for me. It comes in a little bowl with a spoon to match. This foodie idea is awesome. BUT the thing that hit me most was the thought of how and why the person behind this invented it. Perhaps, they were strolling through the…

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Cooking with Giada de Laurentiis Pt. 1

We’ve been so busy these last few weeks and now I finally have time to share with you all of our experiences. So strap on your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

If you’re a real foodie, you would have followed all of the excitement around the New York Wine & Food Festival during the 2nd week of October.


Last year, we tried to attend as many events as could without spending a bunch of money. Some of the events can get a bit pricey, but definitely worth the experience. While attending the Target’s Fun & Fit event last year, we watch Sunny Anderson and Giada de Laurentiis cook some amazing meals.

Watching these wonderful women on the stage, lit a spark within us and was our inspiration for really pursuing our love for food. Little did LaurenAsh know, that I was making a promise to myself that I’d be cooking with one of these ladies, during the same time a year from then.

This is living proof that, when you set a goal and believe in it, anything is possible.


Yes, here I am, with the famous Giada de Laurentiis, after a long day of dinner service for her guests during her “Italian Paradise Dinner” sponsored by the New York Wine & Food Festival.

Marinate on that for a bit and I share with you my journey of how I ended up here.

Oh Snaps! We’re in Business

As you’ve noticed, we haven’t been posting as much as we should be, but we have a perfectly good reason! Taste My Buds is crossing over, stepping out of the computer in the homes of locals in the NYC and NJ area. We have turned into a business. So let me give you our elevator pitch for a moment….

Taste My Buds, LLC is a company formed by two foodies that specialize in vegetarian/pescatarian cuisines free from common allergens such as wheat, gluten, nuts, egg, soy and dairy. Taste My Buds provides services such as in-home cooking, catering and food-preparation. 🙂

Ohhh yeaaaa, we’re official! We will be having an official launch party this Thursday! If you are in the NYC/NJ area and would like to attend, check out tmbminglemeals.eventbrite.com for more details!